5 Painfully Wrecked Ferraris

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To our continued dismay, the means to buy a Ferrari don't necessarily come with the skills to drive one. Witness the results.

You could definitely be having the worst day of your life when your Ferrari looks like one of the following upon nightfall. If you're driving a Ferrari in the first place, you're probably bonkers rich, so money is likely not a problem when it comes to replacing your car, but the pain still is. Whether it was the owners' fault or not, the aftermath of these incidents is still hard to take in for any Ferrari and/or supercar fan. But then again, we can all rest assured knowing their owners have more than likely moved on to a new exotic. Chances are, they'll crash that too.

We begin with a celebrity crash simply because they're the easiest to make fun of. Cristiano Ronaldo, who we've been told is some sort of huge football star, is also a notorious fan of Italian supercars. He's also not a very good driver. Back in 2008 Ronaldo drove his then-new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano through a dark tunnel and soon lost control. This is the result. But don't worry, he has since moved on and now drives a black Lamborghini Aventador. Maybe the all-wheel drive will keep him on the straight and narrow.

Wet and slippery roads can have devastating consequences. Drivers of any vehicle type need to adjust themselves to the wet pavement but this can be especially difficult when behind the wheel of something with this much power channeled to the rear wheels. The drivers of what used to be a Ferrari 458 Italia and California were involved in this nasty crash while racing down the Maoming Expressway in China. Fortunately both drivers escaped with only minor injuries, but their cars were completely totaled.

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Driving a Ferrari needs to be done with responsibility and skill, two things the average 20-year-old doesn't have. An example of youthful inexperience is seen here with this Ferrari California after it went straight into a highway security barrier. The young Russian driver behind the wheel was taking the car for a test drive when a pedestrian jumped in front of him. Despite his high speed, he managed to swerve away from the guy in time but ended up crashing. Fortunately no one was injured, with the exception of the Ferrari which was clearly wrecked.

Not even rare Ferraris are safe from destruction from owners of any age. This F40 suffered major damage after its 80-year-old driver and owner lost control near his home in southern Germany. The result was an impromptu meeting of car and tree. The car had just 6,200 miles on the odometer. The estimated cost of the damage was $340,000 even though the car is worth more than that. All told, just 1,315 F40s were built, and we don't know whether this one was fixed or declared totaled.

This is undoubtedly one of the worst accidents ever involving Ferraris. What you're looking at is the end result of a serious road mishap in Japan involving members of a local sports car club. Due to one driver's serious mistake, a total of eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and three Mercedes-Benz crashed in unison. The crash apparently occurred when one Ferrari driver tried to change lanes but struck the median barrier, spinning out of control across the road where the other cars collided with his. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, but the result for the cars involved was total carnage.

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