5 Parallel Parking Wins

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You think you're a good parallel parker? Try squeezing your car into a space with only 5.91 inches of breathing room.

No matter how good of a parallel parker you think you are, you're nothing compared to the drivers on this list of videos. The majority of these clips show people smashing the Guinness World Record for Parallel Parking with the rest showing boss parkers in the wild doing what they do best. Sliding a MINI into a small space is cool, but it's nothing compared to watching a toddler parallel park his Power Wheels like a champ. Think you're good at parking? Check out these videos to see if you could do the same.

Why bother lining up your car and trying to maneuver into a tight spot when you can just slide right in? You gotta love the cajones this driver has, even if he is a little reckless.

Russ Swift is the man behind the wheel of this MINI. Swift set a Guinness World Record in 1999 by squeezing his MINI into a space only 13 inches longer than the car he was driving.

Everyone could take a lesson from the parallel parking kid in this video. Not only does he effortlessly squeeze his Power Wheels into a tight spot, but he also adjusts his car as a courtesy to the driver behind him.

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New Zealand managed to wrest control of the world record for Tightest Parallel Park away from China in 2010 when Peter Bell slid his Toyota into a parking space only 12.2 inches longer than his car. The record would stand for a year before being toppled by Germany and then destroyed by China.

Chinese driver Han Yue somehow managed to park his MINI into a space only 5.91 inches longer than his vehicle. Yue really does make it look effortless.

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