5 Peculiar Pontiac Concepts

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Ever wonder what a Pontiac Ute or a modern Firebird Trans Am would look like?

There's a decent chance that Pontiac will never again produce another concept car. With that being said, it makes it a whole lot easier to appreciate the concepts Pontiac did release. Pontiac' in-house concept cars range from strange to superb, with the brand creating everything from a classic Mustang rival to a Ute. In addition to the concepts made by the company, a handful of designers have shown what they think modern Pontiac muscle cars would look like. Fans of Pontiac are going to want to check out all of these concepts below.

The Banshee is one of the rarest concept cars ever made by Pontiac. The Banshee was built in 1964 by GM and was intended to rival the Mustang. The Banshee had a V6 engine good for 165hp and a Mustang-besting curb weight of 2,286 pounds. This piece of automotive history can be yours for the bargain price of $750,000.

Kasim Tlibekov is the designer behind this modern Firebird reimagining. Tlibekov's design is modeled on the '69 Firebird and features an aggressive body highlighted by its duck tail spoiler, front splitter and side air exhausts. Concepts like this make you wonder what Pontiac could have done had they not been shut down.

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The G8 ST is a quirky little Ute that GM announced was going into production before all of the evil happened. The ST features the same 6.0-liter 361hp V8 as its coupe cousin and, it was named by Pontiac's fans in an online contest. (Pontiac fans are obviously not very creative.) The G8 ST, like all Pontiacs, was scrapped when GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

GM Wieck

ASC Creative Services decided to revive the Firebird Trans Am, albeit in concept form only. Its design, like the original Firebird, shares the same platform with Chevy's Camaro. This conceptual Trans Am has American muscle written all over it with its wide body and single racing stripe.

Pontiac's SD-290 concept turned more than a few heads when it was shown at SEMA 2007. The single-seat concept car was made to race and featured a 290hp 2.0-liter Ecotec engine. Not surprisingly, this concept was not given the green light by Pontiac. That's a shame, as the SD-290 and the G8 ST could have helped keep Pontiac afloat during GM's trying times.

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