5 Questionable Yugo Commercials

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These ads prove that stretching the truth is the best way to sell a car.

If you know the history behind the Yugo, then you will undoubtedly find all of these ads funny. The Yugo was an 80s hatchback from the Eastern Bloc that was famous for being both unreliable and a periodic shedder of parts. Despite this, the car was marketed heavily in America, with advertisers focusing on its affordability and "reliability." Words such as "tough" and "reliable" are thrown around a lot in these ads. If the thought of someone seriously describing a Yugo as "reliable" doesn't make you laugh, then nothing will.

This commercial is more or less a video tribute to the 80s. The big hair, the crummy computer and the Yugo were all symbols of the bygone decade. The tagline at the end of the ad beats out the braces kid as the commercial's best feature. "Everybody needs a Yugo, sometimes." Convincing.

Zastava should have been charged with false advertising for airing this commercial. Words such as "dependable" and "tough" have never, ever been used to describe a Yugo. Ever.

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When people think of sexy European hatchbacks, they undoubtedly think of the Yugo. That's at least the gist of this commercial. It's tough to find the "road to sanity" when your car is continually breaking down/falling apart.

There are two Yugo warning flags in this ad. The first is the fact that the Zastava needed to make over 200 engineering improvements just to make the Yugo road-worthy. The second is the fact that dealers will pay you $50 cash just for helping them move one of these motorized money pits.

True, this may not be an official Yugo commercial, but it's still funny to watch Midas poke fun at Zastava's "durable" and "tough" hatchback. Try and forget the whole Yugo-being-blown-off-a-bridge incident when watching this ad.

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