5 Radically Remixed Velosters

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Hyundai took SEMA 2011 by storm with five radically different Velosters.

Last year, Hyundai took SEMA 2011 by storm, showing off five radically remixed Velosters. The Korean automaker's hot hatch already sports an eye-catching design, but the ante was upped considerably at SEMA 2011 in terms of engine and interior modifications. If you can't get enough of Hyundai's quirky five-door hatchback, then continue reading below to see some of the fastest and tech-savviest Velosters in existence.

The Veloster Music by REMIX sports an impressive array of audio equipment, including a Numark NS6 DJ Controller with Serato Itch, three JL audio HD amps, six 6.5-inch JL Audio Evolution ZR Component speakers with Tweeters, and two 5.25-inch JL Audio Coaxial speakers. Oh, and it also features two iPads, an iPhone 4S and a 15-inch Macbook Pro.


The ARK Performance Veloster doesn't come with a ton of Apple technology, but it does feature a bigger engine and better brakes. Thanks to an added intercooled turbocharger system and a high-flow exhaust system, the ARK Performance Veloster has a mighty 210 hp. In addition to the engine mods, a coilover suspension system and six-piston front brakes were added.

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The Veloster Gaming by REMIX is the dream car of every geeky gearhead. The Veloster Gaming comes fully equipped with a 40-inch Samsung 3D TV, Xbox 360 with four controllers, a controller charging port, a Kinect and two 7-inch monitors fitted into the rear seat back. This Veloster also sports Sparco Road Chrono racing seats and 19-inch Monotec T10 forged wheels.

PM Lifestyle gave the Veloster's engine an ambush makeover, adding a performance intake and exhaust, a performance clutch, a full coilover suspension system and a Nitrous Express Piranha system. All told the mods up the engine's power to 163 horses. Additional add-ons include a carbon fiber hood, a coilover suspension and 18-inch wheels with Continental ContiExtremeContact tires.

The Veloster Technology by REMIX is the epitome of what SEMA is all about. This custom job features an insane amount of technology, including, but not limited to: a Mac Mini with LED illuminated On/Off switch, an RFID reader, a set of Samsung Galaxy tablets, a 40-inch Samsung LED 3D TV and a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player. Is there such a thing as too much tech in one car? If there is, this is it.

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