5 Real-Life Racing Game Virals

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Ever wonder how realistic your favorite racing games are, or what "Mario Kart" would look like in real life?

Racing games are getting better and better every year, but they're still not as real as the real thing, right? These videos feature side-by-side comparisons of some of today's most critically acclaimed racing games such as "Forza 4" and "Gran Turismo 5." While these videos won't exactly settle arguments over which game is more realistic, they do provide some interesting insight. Oh, and if you aren't into hardcore racing games, there are two videos here that showcase what "Mario Kart" would be like in real life. Yeah, it's awesome.

This short video shows just how Polyphony got "Gran Turismo 5" to look and feel as real as it does. The video shows-a-side by side comparison of a virtual Lexus IS F and a real world Lexus IS F on the game's Fuji track.

Remi Gaillard is the ingenious Frenchman who first brought the game "Mario Kart" to life. Gaillard's hilarious video shows what would happen if Mario actually tried to use his powerups on a real road. Spoiler alert: banana peels don't make cars lose control.

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This clip from AutoWeek features Sandor van Es driving a virtual LF from "Forza 4" around the Nurburgring. (He has actually taken a real LFA around the Nurburgring.) Es compares both the tracks and the cars revealing just how accurate the game really is.

You've got to be a hardcore "Gran Turismo 5" fan to make a side-by-side comparison video on the Laguna Seca track. This video, like the one before it, compares just how real the game is to real life. Decide for yourself which game is more realistic.

Rémi Gaillard may have brought Mario Kart into the real world, but his video is nothing compared to Freddie Wong's rendition. Wong's video features better special effects and more shenanigans. Sadly there's no police chase in this video.

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