5 Reasons Why It's Fun To Create Car Chaos


Try this on your next morning commute.

Just because you don't own a supercar doesn't mean you cant partake in the fun. Back in the day, gearheads would have to trek to a car show or pick up the latest car magazine at the newsstand to enjoy the sight of Ferraris and Bugattis. Now, the Internet has given all car fans a place to enjoy some of the rare sights that only the top 1% of humans get to experience. Rare cars aren't the only ones to make an appearance here. The outliers in terms of best and worst drivers also make their home in the world of automobile entertainment.

The first question to ask here is "why?" The world may never know, but at least this man has his reasons. The main reason he decides to try out armor piercing rounds on his beloved truck is because the engine is already toast. Logically, he makes up his mind to test the F-150's battlefield resilience.

Children who play cruel practical jokes on their parents are the best. This man-child decided that his mom was due for a near-death experience. So, he convinced his buddies to join him in scaring his mother the best way gearheads in the Middle East know how.

As long as there are BMWs, drivers will keep using their ingenuity to dream up ways to wreck them. It may be that the confidence-inspiring chassis make drivers forget that they need to have skills, or maybe cockiness invades the brain when certain types of people get near the cars. Whatever the reason, it makes for quality viewing.

Whether you like or dislike Floyd Mayweather, there is no denying that the guy has one of the most enviable car collections on the planet. Its so large that he has to hire a man to engineer a way to make all of his cars fit. Turns out fitting $9 million dollars worth of the rarest supercars on the planet into a garage is a huge headache.

Most people feel an overwhelming sense of fear when it comes time to take their driving test, so Porsche decided to make it fun by lending the French a 911 to use. This is a perfect example of the term "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Gearheads would love to take their driving test in a 911, but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm.

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