5 Reasons Why You Need To Be As Obsessed With Muscle Cars As This Guy


Because America. Because V8s.

Although they're almost 50 years old, classic muscle cars are as badass as ever. That's why we're totally stoked for the return of Graveyard Carz. Mark Worman is back, only now with a couple new crew members. But what we're most anxious for are the Mopar icons that'll be arriving to the brand new shop for restoration. All new episodes of Graveyard Carz begins tonight at 9pm EST on Velocity. Here are five reasons why you need to watch the new series.

1. A new building. New crew members. It's Mopar or No Car. That perfectly sums up what's in store for this season. Oh yeah, a certain Dodge Charger that served as a stunt vehicle in the 2005 feature film "The Dukes of Hazzard" (not the original TV series) is set to arrive for a complete transformation. Here' the kicker: it was shot out of a cannon.

2. The Charger Daytona. It was ridiculously cool in 1969 and even more so today. Why? Because just look at it! It's beyond gorgeous.

3. Yep. Here's that Charger General Lee. Without question one of our favorite TV cars ever. Kind of hard to believe "The Dukes of Hazzard" first premiered in the US 36 years ago. Can't wait to see this one fully restored.

4. There's a reason why the 1958 Plymouth Fury has become an icon. It killed people. That cult classic horror flick, "Christine," is one of John Carpenter's best. And the movie car will be making an appearance on the show later this month. Ok, so maybe it's not a muscle car, but it still came powered by a massive V8. Good enough for us.

5. The Plymouth 'Cuda. It really is love at first sight.

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