5 Ridiculous Reliant Robin Races

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These Reliant Robin races make NASCAR look like a glorified defensive driving course.

Most auto races bring out the caution flag when a car flips over. Needless to say, Reliant Robin races aren't like most auto races. The three-wheeled British car is prone to flipping at both high and low speeds. And it is this penchant for flipping coupled with the Robin's ridiculous look that make it a joy to watch race. You can see the ridiculousness that is organized Robin racing in the video clips below.

This particular Reliant Robin race was held at the Hednesford Hills Raceway in England's West Midlands. A Reliant Robin stock car race is perhaps the only motorsport where a flipped car will not draw a caution flag. Come to think of it, there might not be anything that would be cause for a caution flag in a Reliant Robin race.

The clip, shot at Top Gear Live in Birmingham, England, features the show's three presenters racing around in Robins named after tiny countries. Needless to say, things get a little ridiculous.

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You may find yourself searching for tickets to the 2013 World Reliant Robin Championships after watching this video. The copious amount of crashes and flips alone are worth the price of a plane ticket to England.

The best way to make a Reliant Robin race more dangerous is to put the three-wheeled rollover kings on a figure eight track. You can almost feel the fear of the drivers in this video as they pilot their rollover racecars into the middle of the eight.

The Reliant Robin proves that it's no slouch on the drag strip in this video. A win is still a win, even if it comes against an electric mobility scooter.

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