5 Rinspeed Porsche Tune Jobs


The Swiss tuning house used to be known as much for its modified Porsches as for its crazy concept cars.

There was once a time when Rinspeed made headlines both for its innovative concepts and for its tuned Porsches. The company doesn't do much Porsche tuning nowadays (Mansory bought out their Porsche tuning section in 2008). Rinspeed may not have tuned a Porsche in quite some time, but the ones they did get to were things of power and occasional beauty. If you long for the days when the crazy Swiss tuning house focused more on Porsches and less on aquatic cars, then you'll want to check all of these tuners.

As its name suggests, the 997 Turbo-based LeMans 600 has 600hp to go along with 590 lb-ft of torque. All of this added power comes thanks to two VTG turbos, a ram-air intake system, new intercoolers and a high performance exhaust. The engine modifications give the LeMans 600 a 0 to 60 time of 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 213 mph. Exterior additions include a new front skirt complete with carbon splitters and a rear wing.

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The Imola Cayman's unique paint job and checkerboard pattern is bound to split the opinion of Porsche enthusiasts everywhere. The Imola has new skirts and rocker panels, with the rear skirt featuring a removable diffuser insert designed to fit either a center-exit or dual exhaust system. Suspension additions include new coilovers and the Porsche PASM system. Rinspeed's tune job isn't bad at all, but did they have to dip the Imola in orange and color it in a checkerboard pattern?

Rinspeed's X-Treme Cayenne leaves a lot to be desired in the naming department, but as a tuned SUV it's up to snuff. The X-Treme has a custom sports exhaust that boosts its total horsepower to 600. Exterior modifications include bigger and more aggressive wheel arches, larger air intakes, a new front fascia complete with front splitter and new side skirts.

Quiet is the best way to describe the Indy 4S. Rinspeed's tuning program for the 997 Carrera 4 and 4S doesn't have a crazy paint job or overt body modifications, but its subtle modifications are more than enough. The Indy 4S sports a new body kit highlighted by a new diffuser and a custom Rinspeed exhaust kit. Inside the car has been given a lightweight makeover with aluminum shift knobs, foot rests and pedals. Sometimes bland can be good.

If you firmly believe that bland always equals boring, then you'll love the 1986 Rinspeed Porsche 911 R69. This 80s icon has a hot pink paint job and a ridiculous amount of buttons on its steering wheel. The R69 made a brief appearance on eBay last year where it was listed for $79,000. Nostalgia knows no cost.