5 Rumored Models We Can't Wait To See In The Metal

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These will be the hottest new cars on sale in 2018.

The automotive industry is full of juicy rumors that get us hyped up for what's to come. Most end up being false, but sometimes they turn out to be shockingly accurate leading to a full production model. We wanted to round up some of our favorite rumored models. These are the cars that we are most looking forward to seeing in the metal and eventually driving. We believe that these five cars will be some of the most talked about models in 2018 and 2019 if the rumors about them turn out to be true.

At this point, the BMW and Toyota co-developed sports cars are more than just rumors. We know that Toyota's version will be the reborn Supra and BMW's version will be the next-generation Z4. While we do know what these cars will be, the details about each version are still very hazy. We still don't know if either car will be offered with a manual transmission or how powerful they will be. The latest rumors suggest that the Supra will have 335 hp and will not be offered with a manual. We hope that the rumors turn out to be false, because we'd like to see at least a 400-hp Supra and possibly a new BMW Z4 M.

The Chevy Corvette is an interesting car because there are currently two big rumors floating around about new variants. The first rumor surrounds a new ZR-1 model that will be a more extreme version of the C7 Z06 with around 750 hp from a supercharged V8. The second rumor is much more juicy, and details a mid-engined model that will replace the current C7 generation. Mid-engine Corvette rumors have been flying around since before the internet, but we have seen plenty of spy shots that suggest that a mid-engine Vette is finally ready to happen. GM could also be working on a new twin-turbo LT5 V8 to power this awesome new car.

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The Lexus LC500 is a wonderful grand touring car, but it isn't hardcore enough for some buyers. Lexus denied that it was working on an F version of the LC to act as a true brand halo model, but recent rumors indicate that the LC-F could really be in development. The LC-F is rumored to be powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 with around 600 hp. This engine will also find a home in the rumored GS-F replacement. If these rumors are true, this could be huge for the brand. The current F models sound fantastic with their 5.0-liter V8, but lack the same performance of their German rivals. This LC-F could easily change all of that.

Aston Martin and Redbull teamed up to produce an incredible car called the Valkyrie. This car was once just a rumor, but now we have finally seen it in all of its glory. Mercedes-AMG is also working on a "F1 car for the street" that is rumored to be in production. The car is currently referred to as the Project 1 and very little is known about it. It is rumored to be powered by a 1.6-liter Formula One engine with over 1,000 hp. This car will go toe-to-toe with the Aston Martin Valkyrie and a rumored new hypercar from McLaren. This will likely be the next hypercar holy trinity.

The final car on this list comes from the most humble beginnings, but we are still excited to finally see it. Hyundai's first real attempt at a sports car was a bit disappointing. However, we have seen recently with car's like the Kia Stinger and i30N that the company is finally ready to build true enthusiast cars. The Genesis brand has been spun off into its own luxury division, and there will soon be a new sports car in the lineup. We can't wait to see this all new RWD sports car from Genesis and we have faith that this one will be a true game changer.

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