5 Semi Truck Drift Sightings

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Ever wonder what truck drivers do in their spare time?

If you've never seen a semi-truck drift around a track, then you've never truly lived. That may be an exaggeration of sorts, but it's tough to argue the coolness of watching a 10,000-pound truck drift as if it were a Subaru or a Toyota Supra. Dangerous? Without a doubt but that's all a part of the fun of doing things that are better left to professional stunt drivers. If you want to check out the unconventional side of drifting, then continue below to see some of the best semi truck drifters around.

Mike Ryan is the star of this video and the unquestioned king of semi truck drifting. In this clip, Ryan heads to El Toro Marine Base to shoot a Gymkhana-esque video using his 10,000-pound truck.

No word on who the driver of this drifting semi is, but judging by the language spoken by the cameraman, it's probably not Mike Ryan. This semi truck drifts solo around an icy roundabout before being joined by a more conventional drift car.

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This video proves that semi truck drifting isn't just for American truckers. The Brits is this video do a pretty good job of drifting in unison, with one of them even throwing in a spin for good measure.

There's something indescribably awesome about a semi truck drifting around a Mustang on two wheels. The driver of the truck is none other than Mike Ryan, while the talented driver of the two-wheeling Mustang is James Smith.

This video starts out normal, but it quickly devolves into multi-ton madness as the driver of this drift truck begins to tear up the track. What better way to chase cars off of the track than by using a drift truck?

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