5 Sexist Car Commercials


Objectifying and denigrating women is the best way to sell a car.

Sexism has been and always will be a big part of the automotive industry. Most cars are designed by men for men. Most car commercials sell to men. These sexist car commercials in particular are aimed directly at the male consumer showing women as incompetent drivers and objects of lust. The majority are from the 1960s, but some of these ads were shot not too long ago. If you like your car commercials filled with bikini babes and skittish women, then you need to check out all of these sexist car commercials.

Goodyear showed just how harrowing life can be for a female driver in this commercial for its Polyglass tires. The ad does a remarkable job at showing just how dangerous crosswalks and potholes can be when a woman is behind the wheel.

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Buick was slightly more advanced than Goodyear in its portrayal of the 1960s woman. The lady in this commercial actually drives competently, but since she isn't a man she can't ever hope to truly "understand" the 1964 Riviera.

This throwback commercial from OK Chevrolet reveals inside info on what women truly look for in a used car. Used car salesmen should watch this ad before they even think about trying to sell to a woman.

Nissan found that boobs were the best way to advertise the front independent suspension on its Pathfinder. This is one commercial that is best watched when the wife is not around.

Toyota knew that the only way men would even be interested in the Scion iQ is if they crammed it full of women, donuts and milk. The resulting ad manages to successfully objectify women, but Scion missed the mark on the whole "the iQ is cool" thing.