5 Smart Car Drift Clips


The Fortwo may be the butt of just about every gearhead joke, but that doesn't meant it can't drift with the best of them.

If you're looking for something to love about the Smart Fortwo-chances are you've been searching awhile-then you need to check out all of these drift clips. The Smarts in these videos effortlessly drift around the track, looking nothing like the ridiculous city cars they actually are. It's just about definite that you won't want to go out and buy a Smart after watching these drift videos, but you may respect the people who drive them a little more. They could actually be drifters in disguise for all you know. Yeah, it's not too likely, but it could happen.

Chances are that you just might forget your (presumed) hatred of Smart after watching this Fortwo effortlessly drift around a track. This Japanese driver deserves props for holding his own out there next to actual drift cars.

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This clip from Greece makes the Fortwo actually look like a lot of fun to drive. Granted you need to drop a Hayabusa engine in it to make it fun, but that's a small technicality. You've got to love the open-door stunting.

You've got to wonder how many people buy Fortwos solely so that they can take them to the track on weekends and drift them in circles. Driving a Smart is looking more and more like fun.

It's damn near impossible not to think of the word "cute" when watching this video. There's something so childlike about watching the baby-sized Fortwo slide around in the snow.

It can be said that the "drifting" in this video is really nothing more than glorified spinning out. That argument is valid, but it doesn't change the fact that it's really fun to watch a bunch of Smart Roadsters slip and slide all over the place.