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These Fiats pay tribute to Maserati, Ferrari, America and more.

No company shows love quite like a car company. When a car company wants to pay tribute to a country or one of its other brands, they simple create a special edition model. The Fiats featured here are designed to do just that, with these tuned special editions showing love to the company's sub-brands, Maserati and Ferrari. If you're a fan of tuned Fiats that are designed to look like other cars/the flags of other countries, then you'll want to continue reading.

Romeo Ferraris created the powerful Abarth Ferrari 695 to show love to the cars made by Fiat's performance arm, Ferrari. The tuned 500's engine is the beneficiary of new camshafts, racing pistons, larger injectors, a remapped ECU and a new dual-tipped exhaust system with a sports catalyst. These mods push the engine to 260 horsepower, up from 180 hp. The exterior is designed to be as Ferrari-like as possible, with air intakes, red paint and carbon mirrors.

Romeo Ferraris recently decided to show love to America in the form of the Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute. The red, white and blue 500 has a tuned engine and a redone interior. Power has been boosted to 235 hp thanks to a flashed ECU, and a new turbocharger, pistons, camshafts and exhaust. Additional highlights include 18-inch wheels, Recaro bucket seats, an arched roll cage and a place to store your racing helmets. Yeah...

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Abarth rolled out a tuned 500 designed to pay tribute to Maserati (another Fiat brand) for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati is vaguely reminiscent of a Maserati GranCabrio with its convertible top, burgundy paint job and 17-inch Neptune wheels. The tune job's engine is only good for 180 hp, so while it may look like a Maserati, there's no chance of it performing like one.

Italy's Monza race track is the inspiration for this special edition Fiat 500. The creatively named Abarth 500 Monza Edition sports an aerodynamic body kit from Romeo Ferraris comprised of a new rear diffuser, hood air intake and front carbon splitter. The interior is luxuriously adorned in white leather and Alcantara. In order to help Fiat's city car live up to its name, Abarth added a supercharger and a new exhaust system to boost total horsepower to 260 ponies.

The 2012 "Born This Way" Fiat Punto is not technically a Lady Gaga tribute, but it's more fun to think of it as one instead of an oddly named special edition. The special Punto sports a black-on-yellow paint scheme and 17-inch wheels, while "Inkleather" writing that says "Born This Way" dominates the interior. The whole thing is powered by the Punto's beefiest available powerplant, a 1.4-liter MultiAir turbocharged engine that puts out 135 hp and 152 lb-ft.

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