5 Spectacular Cars That Can't Be Bought In The US

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Limited editions for only certain parts of the world.

Automakers aren't dumb. In fact, they employee teams of smart individuals that know exactly what to do to make some money. For certain brands, this often entails creating special editions for specific parts of the world that cater to a specific type of person, commemorate a special event, or to simply increase brand recognition in the area. Here's a sample of five such vehicles that never made it to American shores. As you'll see, this is a real shame.

There have been a host of special edition Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport models, but the Middle East edition is one of the most striking. Out of the three editions, the black and yellow Veyron is our favorite and is claimed to be Ettore Bugatti's favorite color combination.

The BMW M3 Tiger Edition proves that not all special editions are supercars. BMW introduced the limited run of 250 Tiger Editions for the Chinese market in 2010 in order to celebrate, yep you guessed it, "The Year of the Tiger." The sports car was finished in Fire Orange metallic paint with a host of contrasting black touches around the car. The interior of the sports car gets Novilla black leather with orange stitching and a bespoke Tiger logo.


China may be the focal point for the majority of special editions, but the Middle East has also become the prime location of wealthy enthusiasts looking to get into a bespoke supercar. The McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 was created by MSO specifically for the Middle East market. The unique pearlescent white gold paint job has real 24-carat gold particles in it. Gloss black exterior touches and Almond White leather upholstery make the supercar's exterior really shimmer.


Unlike the other cars on the list, Ferrari created a special edition of its 458 Italia to celebrate its 20th anniversary on the Chinese market. Since 2012 was the "Year of the Dragon," Ferrari decided to finish the supercar in a bespoke color-Marco Polo Red-and put a golden dragon on the hood, which also leads into gold and black livery stripes that carry onto the back of the vehicle. The gold dragon highlights the gold finish on the rims and gold embroidery on the headrests.


There have been a host of bespoke Roll-Royce models for different parts of the world, but the Phantom Dragon has to be one of the best. For The "Year of the Dragon," Rolls-Royce created a special Phantom that featured a gold dragon on the side of the front fender, while the interior also featured the animal on the headrests. Passengers sitting in the back of the car had hand-stitched cushions to play with, while the rest of the interior and exterior was finished in a striking shade of red.

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