5 Spectacular Exhaust Notes That Could Only Come From One Car

It's a feast for your ears.

Its top-of-the-line supercharged 5.0-liter V8 has been described as having one of the best engine notes ever. The supercharged V6 has also been dubbed the best-sounding six-cylinder car on the planet. Whatever powerplant you have under the hood of the Jaguar F-Type, one thing’s beyond doubt – it is going to sound incredible. Want proof? Here’s five videos of the Jaguar F-Type providing an array of aural pleasure, guaranteed to give you an eargasm.

Matt Farah drove the Jaguar F-Type R through the tunnels of Los Angeles at night, because everything sounds better in a tunnel. The car is loud, it’s fast, and annoys the crap out of the locals.

Creating a sound akin to gun fire, here the F-Type R Coupe displays its British muscle soundtrack, popping and crackling away through its stock exhaust.

Thanks to a couple of well-placed GoPros, here’s your chanceto really listen to the sound of that supercharged V6 as the car gets driven on somecountry roads. That exhaust note is addictive, you might even think it soundsbetter than the V8.

Marchettino has driven plenty of cars, so when he says “this is definitely one of the most badass sounding cars in the world!” you should believe him. Here he takes a F-Type R around Monaco, in and out of the tunnels with revs and burnouts thrown in for good measure.

We began with Farah, and we’ll end with The Smoking Tire’sfront man who took his mom’s F-Type V6S Coupe along some gorgeous backroads inConnecticut to drive it in a way she never will.

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