5 Speedy Prius Showings

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Toyota's iconic hybrid has been known to have an occasional need for speed.

"Fast" is an adjective seldom used to describe the Prius. Toyota's hybrid has built its reputation through its fuel efficiency, not on the speeds it posts in the quarter mile. Still, there are a few folks out there who see the Prius for what it is: a speed demon waiting to be unleashed upon the world! That may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but the Prius does seem to like going fast, at least that's what the clips below seem to suggest.

If you want to see a point-by-point comparison of the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight you'll need to watch this whole video. Hit the clip's 0:41 mark if you just want to watch these two eco titans get down in a quarter-mile drag race.

This clip shows what happens when a Toyota Prius goes heads-up with American muscle on the drag strip. Hopefully this race wasn't for pink slips.

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The Toyota Prius GT300 is one hybrid with serious giddy up. This hybrid is capable of flying around the track thanks to its bare-bones interior and larger battery sourced from the van Prius, the Alpha. Eco-friendly autos don't look so bad when they're competing in Super GT races.

This clip of the Toyota Prius running the Bonneville Salt Flats is about one car short of being an actual race. That being said, this video is probably the only time you'll ever see a Prius hit 130 mph. That alone earns it a spot on this list and makes it worthy of a viewing.

Late-night Prius street racing is alive and well as evidenced by this video. The two challengers to Toyota's hybrid are a 1972 Plymouth Duster and a 2001 Civic. The winner of this battle royale may surprise you.

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