5 Stunning Reasons Why We Worship Supercars

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As if you needed another reason to love four-wheeled Mona Lisas.

When you put a piece of art, passion, and top-tier craftsmanship on four wheels and strap it to a rocket-grade engine, anything can happen. Usually the results are entertaining and sometimes they are just plain sad, but there is no doubt that the end product is more noteworthy than anything the Kardashians did this week…unless of course it involves one of their supercars. Feast your eyes and ears on the latest collection of thrills, high G-force accelerations, and sad stories involving the finest cars on earth.

In a drag race, the 918 should be the quickest of the hypercar trinity due to its all-wheel drive. However, this was a race to 186 mph and since the 918 decouples its electric motors after 150 mph to protect them, its at a disadvantage. This move may help it survive the race, but Ferrari and McLaren understand that you need to take risks to win.

Defunct Car Brands And Why They Died
Defunct Car Brands And Why They Died
Bugatti Chiron Head-To-Head: Pur Sport Vs. Super Sport
Bugatti Chiron Head-To-Head: Pur Sport Vs. Super Sport

Girls and supercars, there is rarely a better combination. However, this girl had her fear-invoked fight or flight response coming to her because the Monaco tunnel is famous for having supercars roar their engines in its acoustic environment. She should have been prepared for the rare sound of a Koenigsegg CCX and her reaction was priceless.

At CarBuzz, we tend to see quite a few dick moves that people pull throughout the week but this one took the cake. Apparently, some vandals broke into a car showroom owned by Afzal Khan, the founder and owner of Khan Design. This heartless criminal then proceeded to damage the most expensive car in the place, a $1.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron. Fortunately for Khan, he owns two Veyrons and we presume that he can easily afford the cost of the damage to the car. This should remind supercar owners that they need to watch their backs when they acquire some of the world's fastest cars.

The car in question here is a supercar bearing Land Rover badges. As you may have guessed, this car will be suited to the most interesting man alive due to its ability to gobble up racetrack and charge over bad terrain as well. In fact, this may be the best supercar for the reckless millionaire because they will be able to speed over the steep inclines where they usually scrape their exotic's bellies. A wind-friendly body and 1,000 horsepower will ensure that this car is not a joke, and despite high ground clearance, the squat body will ensure a low center of gravity. Someone get this student a job quick.

Bugatti Veyrons are constantly showered with attention, but this example may be the most deserving yet. The stunning paint melts around the curves of the car known as "Hellbug" like lingerie on a model. Turn down the lights and see for yourself how the car breaks heats and speed records in this incredible video.

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