5 Superb Supra Drift Videos


There are few things in life better than watching a Toyota Supra slide around the track.

Toyota peeved more than a few gearheads when it announced that the Supra was getting the axe. The Supra is generally regarded as one of the greatest cars, if not the greatest, ever made by Toyota. It's stylish, speedy and can drift circles (literally) around just about any car. Watching a Supra drift is a thing of unequaled beauty (it's that good). You can see said unequaled beauty in the videos below.

This video claims to show the longest ever Supra drift. Whether it does or not is debatable, but it's still worth a watch, if only to hear the Supra's tires scream.

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Fredric Aasbo and his Supra absolutely tear up the track in this video. Aasbo's Supra has 350 hp and very few modifications. The video was shot at the second round of the 2008 Prodrift European Series where Aasbo finished second.

The Toyota Supra and its propensity for drifting take a backseat in this video. You're in for a treat if this is your first time ever seeing this clip. Pro tip: Don't watch this video at work.

Those who speak Japanese will get a lot out of this video starring Manabu Oribo. Those who can't speak Japanese will just have to make do with watching Oribo have his way with his Supra and the track.

The Supra in this clip is literally drifting circles around a Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron may be able to go faster in a straight line, but can it drift?