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These videos show some of the most expensive crash tests of all time.

For whatever reason, we choose to believe that supercars capable of 200 mph will fare just fine should a concrete wall suddenly appear in the middle of the road. However, just because gearheads could care less about the safety of a Lamborghini, doesn't mean that supercar companies don't crash test their rides. There's not much that separates an SLS AMG crash test from a Corolla crash test-other than a couple hundred grand. If you want to see some of the safest supercars around, then continue below to check out all of uber-expensive crash test clips.

The Jaguar XJ200 looks remarkably strong in this clip. Granted, this crash took place at 30 mph, which is a far cry from the XJ200's top speed of 217 mph.

Try not to wince when you watch this Pagani Huayra smash into a wall. The rear mid-engine Pagani doesn't fare as well as some of the other supercars on this list that feature front-mounted engines. Still, it looks like Huayra owners don't have much to fear should they find themselves heading into a brick wall at slow speeds.

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The Lamborghini Murcielago in this crash test fares pretty well during its run-in with a concrete wall. That being said, it's still not a good idea to crash your Lamborghini Mercy into a concrete wall at any speed.

Any questions you had about the safety of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG will be erased after you watch this crash test clip. The drop test, presumably to test the damage of rollover accidents, is especially interesting.

You might be surprised that the Koenigsegg used only one Agera throughout the crash testing process. The Swedish supercar put up an impressive showing in the front, side and rear crash tests, but the real question is how does it do in the moose test?

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