5 Supercar Stories To Tell Your Friends About

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There are winners and losers, and cheering and crying.

Supercars are the celebrities of the car world. People love to watch them fly down the street or the track and always seem to be there with a camera whenever a high-powered and pricey example is wrecked. Here at CarBuzz, we see a lot of crazy supercar stories every week. We follow all sorts of stories, whether its a manufacturer leak or another rich owner committing a major fail, and now its time to share some of the best supercar stories of the past week. These include a crash, a near-fail and a pretty epic race.

At CarBuzz, we like to highlight the most expensive cars that money can buy, but in this instance a "bargain" Bugatti is more interesting. This black example is a 2006 and is listed for $995,000. The reason for the drastic drop in price is the mileage, which sits at 12,121. This is hardly a dent into the lifespan of the average car, but for automotive royalty like the Veyron, this means 12,121 miles of possible damage from curious pedestrians and attempts at top speed runs. Maintenance costs will sink thrifty buyers, so it is best suited for the millionaire who has already crashed a Bugatti and wants an "expendable" one.

Just like celebrities, supercars must look perfect because any imperfection gets put under the magnifying glass and harshly criticized. You wouldn't think twice if you saw a Mercury Sable with some scratches and dents, but if Angelina Jolie walked outside of her house with wrinkles and stretch marks, no tabloid would hesitate to write about it. Similarly, this owner of a gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador SV decided to forgo repairs to the front fascia of his orange beast and the result is instant Internet fame. If you can afford a $400,995 supercar, then you can afford the repair costs associated with it.

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Test mules of the highly anticipated Bugatti Chiron were caught on video in the wild, and the situation they were in was the perfect example of "real-world testing." The Chiron mules ran into trouble when they were driving down a very narrow and crowded road. The cars get into a pickle when a transport truck coming from the opposite direction forces them to drive through a narrow space, with the truck full of lumber on one side and a brick wall on the other. The drivers must have gone into near cardiac arrest having to squeeze through such a tight spot. We found it funny.

No matter how many car journalists tell the public how much easier supercars of today are to drive than they used to be, owners do not get the message. No matter how "easy" a car is to drive, 1,000 horsepower is tough to conquer. This owner was horsing around with the traction control off and lost control of his $1.4 million dollar ride while trying to pass another car. The owner didn't impress anyone, especially not the engineers at Ferrari who spent lots of time perfecting the traction control on the 950-horsepower beast specifically to prevent this exact type of accident.

It is hard to guess which car will be the winner of the half-mile race. The McLaren produces 903-hp and 722 lb-ft of torque while the Porsche makes 887 hp and 944 lb-ft of torque. The Porsche is heavier than the McLaren, but it also has four-wheel drive instead of the McLaren's rear-wheel drive. See for yourself which car wins this impressive race.

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