5 Sweet SEMA 2012 Sedans

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Coupes and convertibles weren't the only attractions at SEMA 2012.

If you're someone who prefers their tune jobs to have four doors, then you'll love these sweet sedans from SEMA 2012. The recent SEMA show was filled with tricked-out coupes, convertibles and trucks, but some of the coolest custom jobs from the show sported four doors and could seat five. "Responsible" is a good way to describe these tune jobs. While a tuned Avalon probably won't beat a Camaro or a Mustang in a race, it's still an awesome sight to see. Continue below to check out these sweet SEMA 2012 sedans.

Lexus and Wald International teamed up to create the GS 350 F Sport. In addition to an aggressive body kit, the upgraded GS 350 features a coilover suspension from RSR, Brembo GT Brakes, 20-inch Vossen CV7 wheels and Yokohama S Drive tires. An Apexi CG SPL supercharger kit, throttle controller from Smart Accel and a PTS Joe Z Series true dual exhaust system were installed to give the Lexus a little more oomph.


Five Axis gave the 460 F Sport an aggressive makeover for SEMA 2012. The bulky sedan received a complete exterior makeover, including bigger fender vents and a rear bumper with an integrated slotted diffuser. The 460 F Sport was also lowered and an AirRunner TC-5 suspension kit and 22-inch alloy wheels were added.

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The Batman edition Optima SX Limited was created by Rides Magazine and Kia to promote DC's "We Can Be Heroes" campaign, a program that fights hunger in Africa. Batman's Kia sports a lowered coilover suspension, ground effects kit, Ksport brakes, 20-inch wheels, a grille that took 40 hours to create and a custom exhaust.

Tuners 3dCarbon decided not to mess with a good thing when they worked on the Ford Fusion for SEMA 2012. The Fusion was lowered just a bit and given a new body kit. The tuners left the sedan's 2.0-liter EcoBoost untouched.

DUB magazine customized a Toyota Avalon- of all things -for SEMA 2012. The Avalon features a new body kit and 22-inch TIS alloy wheels. The exterior mods consist of, but aren't limited to: lowering the Avalon, giving it a tighter suspension, a custom mesh grille and tinted windows and taillights. The interior is covered in leather and features a slew of speakers and subwoofers.

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