5 Things Acura Could Do To Make A Proper NSX Type-R

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Diet and exercise are key.

Here's the thing about hybrid powertrains: they're heavy, thanks to those lithium ion batteries. Obviously that's not good when high-performance is involved, but Acura still opted for hybrid assist with its all-new NSX. And like its iconic predecessor, it'd make sense for Acura to develop an even more potent Type-R variant, but how? Considering the NSX already weighs 3,803 lbs, engineers will need to figure out some workarounds to the extra poundage. Gotta trim those love handles. Question is, where?

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The Detroit Bureau recently spoke with a few senior Acura sources who didn't outright admit an NSX Type-R is coming, they didn't flat out deny it. Here are five known weight loss and power improvement ideas they're kicking around. 1. Ditch the standard power seats and some noise insulation as well as other electronic components deemed unnecessary./ 2. Make carbon ceramic brakes standard (they're currently optional). Doing so will remove "more than 50 lbs. of unsprung mass."

3. The also currently optional carbon fiber roof panel will become standard./ 4. Develop lighter, more powerful batteries along with "smaller, lower-mass motors and power electronics."/ 5. And finally, the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, currently at 143 hp per liter, has even more potential. One (obvious) idea is to increase output by 10-20 hp per liter with revisions to the turbos.

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Source Credits: www.thedetroitbureau.com

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