5 Things You Need To Know About The Karma Revero

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There’s a lot more to this stunning car than just the fact it used to be a Fisker Karma.

Aesthetic, especially beautiful aesthetic, has a significant impact in the mind of the viewer. It’s why a single glance at an attractive member of our species can cause instant infatuation and why anything pleasing on the eye tends to be more expensive, take more time to make, and have more intrinsic value. It’s also the sole purpose for the existence of Karma Automotive. The brand rose from the ashes of what once was Fisker Automotive.

The only reason it got a renewed lease on life is because of the design of the original Fisker Karma, first drawn up by Henrik Fisker and which later seduced enough investors with its good looks that a revamped version is now hitting the streets with an aim to take on Tesla’s Model S.

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The car itself has been modernized cleverly, leaving most of the original design intact but upgrading the hardware so that it can be a car that fits into the standard we've come to expect in late 2010. It’s a boon to everyone in love with Fisker’s original design who couldn’t get their hands on one before the company’s collapse. Roadshow takes us on a tour of the five main things it’s important to know about the Revero. Hopefully it stays around long enough for the design to be fully appreciated because the plug-in hybrid’s main problem might come from Fisker’s newest design, the fully-electric and revolutionary EMotion.