5 Top-Notch Tanner Foust Clips

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What Tanner Foust lacks in slow motion and green paint he more than makes up for with amazing driving.

With all of the attention that goes towards Ken Block's "Gymkhana" videos, it's easy to think that he's the only American rallycross and Formula D driver around. Block's action-packed videos make it easy to forget about one Tanner Foust, a two-time Formula D champ, presenter on "Top Gear U.S." and professional stunt driver. Foust's videos are a lot less flash than anything made by DC Shoes, but the driving is comparable, if not better. You can check out Foust racing, drifting and jumping in the videos below.

Tanner Foust and Ken Block go head-to-head in this clip from the 2010 Gymkhana Grid AWD Finals. You may find yourself wanting to watch Top Gear U.S. and purchase a pair of DC shoes after watching this video.

This clip of Tanner Foust drifting a 600 hp Scion on Mulholland Drive is the stuff that amateur drifter dreams are made of. Keep a lookout for the "Gymkhana" nod around the 2:00 mark.

Dai Yoshihara shows what it's like to chase Tanner Foust around the track in this short clip from the 2010 Formula Drift Championship Series. The quality of this video is top-notch thanks to the GoPro HD HERO cameras mounted to Yoshihara's hood and helmet.

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The word "awesome" can best be used to describe this clip from the gold medal round of X Games XIII. Tanner Foust once again takes on Ken Block, although the finish in this video is a lot more thrilling than the end of the 2010 Gymkhana Grid AWD Finals (see the first video).

The "Yellow Driver" (Tanner Foust, obviously) crushes the world record for the longest automotive ramp-to-ramp jump. Foust started his attempt atop a 100-foot-tall orange Hot Wheels ramp before flying 332 feet over the grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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