5 Top Tuned 458 Italias


One of the world's best mid-engined supercars has repeatedly been the focus of aftermarket tuners located around the world.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is perhaps the ideal mid-engined supercar currently on the market. Sure, the Lamborghini Gallardo is also a fantastic machine, as is the McLaren MP4-12C, but the 458 manages to combined Italian passion and outright ridiculous performance into a single, lust-worthy package. Despite its $230k base price, the 458 presents a compelling alternative to cars costing easily twice that amount. But still, aftermarket tuners have continuously worked to improve it in various ways. Check out these tuned 458s to see how.

Anderson Germany has never hesitated to take on the challenge of making a good thing even better. To that end, it took a stock 458 Italia and added a carbon fiber aero package consisting of a new spoiler, wider side sills and reshaped intake grills to give the Ferrari supercar an even more aggressive look. Also new here is an optimized engine software update and exhaust system that combined give the car an extra 53 horsepower, for a new total of 623 hp. As a final touch, Anderson coated the hood, roof, door handles, trunk-lid, taillights, and diffuser in carbon fiber. Perhaps that's why this is called the 458 Carbon Edition.

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Despite its Italian heritage, the 458 is a regular favorite amongst German tuners. This time Graf Weckerle has applied its talents to the supercar. The crew famous for its luxurious takes on exotic sportscars added a set of 21-inch ultra-lightweight alloys up front and 22-inchers out back. Along with its lowered suspension, the 4.5-liter V8 has been given a power bump from 570 horsepower to 590 hp.

Jumping overseas this time, Canadian tuner SR Auto has given the 458 an even more enhanced exterior than either of the two previous tuners. Called "Project Ice Blade", the tuner added a new body kit and new set of wheels. The all-carbon fiber elements of the kit include a new front lip and splitters, side skirts, side mirrors, door handles and spoiler. In addition to performance being slightly enhanced due to the weight loss, the car's suspension has also been lowered and a set of PUR wheels have been added.

How could we talk about supercar tuning if we didn't mention something from A. Kahn Design? The British tuner added visual enhancements to the Ferrari via matte pearl grey front and rear bumpers, side skirts and roof. Also added are yellow brake calipers and a set of the tuner's own forged alloys. Although the performance aspect has been left untouched, the tuner claims the interior also received some upgrades, such as black leather electric sports seats, but customers can specify from a virtually unlimited number of modifications to suit their individual tastes.

South African tuner Evolution 2 Motorsport's inspiration for its aftermarket program came from race-prepped 458s and the results of this body kit clearly show that. Painted in blue and silver two-tone, the tuned Italia has also been fitted with a fresh body kit consisting of a new front splitter, mirror caps, rear spoiler, double rear diffuser, air duct mesh and trim and a set of custom 21-inch alloy wheels. Even the engine bay has been trimmed in carbon fiber. On a performance level, the ECU was reprogrammed and bespoke titanium sports exhaust system was added, which has boosted output to 602 horsepower.