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The ForTwo isn't exactly ubiquitous in the tuning world, but these Smarts prove that you can wring a small amount of speed out of the quirky microcar.

The Smart ForTwo has somewhat of a bad reputation among gearheads. It's small, it's funny looking and it doesn't go very fast. For better or worse, some tuners have chosen to look past the Smart Car's inherent handicaps and create some tuned ForTwos that actually look fun to drive. These tuned Smarts won't have you trading in your muscle car anytime soon, but they may inspire you to hold your laughter when you see a ForTwo rolling down the street.

Carlsson wisely decided not to try and put lipstick on a pig when they tuned a ForTwo. Instead, the company focused on power, adding a sport air filter and tweaking the ECU. All of these upgrades boosted the 1.0-liter engine to a semi-tolerable 110hp.

This Brabus ForFour is one of the fastest Smart Cars ever made. This tuned hatchback has a turbo engine that produces 210bhp and torque in excess of 221 lb-ft. A wing has been added to the back, and the rear seats have been removed, with the front seats equipped with a five-point belt system and a roll cage. The Brabus ForFour has a top speed of 146mph.

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The Romeo Ferraris Smart Car has been outfitted with modified bumpers, 17-inch black alloy wheels, leather seats, Alcantara accents and a choice of carbon fiber or wood trim. On the performance side, a new exhaust system and sport catalytic converter has been added. The tweaked ECU increases the 3-cylinder gas engine to 98hp and the 800cc diesel engine to 61hp.

Lorinser has managed to accomplish the near-impossible by making the ForTwo look tough. Lorinser has made the ForTwo look tough (surprisingly) by adding wide fenders at the rear, a lowered front bumper, 17-inch wheels and sport exhaust tips. In addition to making the ForTwo fiercer, Lorinser also added the requisite power boost to push the baby engine to 104hp.

Austrian tuner Konigseder is behind this floral and furious ForTwo. Konigseder upped the power of the ForTwo's diesel and petrol engines to 65hp and 104hp respectively. They also added a few flowery stickers and lowered the vehicle's suspension by 30mm.

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