5 Tuned Supercars from SR Auto


These five customized supercars have all been given a styling boost courtesy of Vancouver-based tuning outfit SR Auto Group.

We've put together a list of some of the company's finest creations, all of which just happen to be exotic supercars. Can't imagine why we like them.

The Aventador is Lamborghini's latest, fastest and most powerful supercar. Powered by a 6.5-liter V12, it produces nearly 700 horsepower. SR Auto opted in this case to make subtle, yet dramatic styling improvements via a new set of 21-inch alloys designed by PUR Wheels. Called Project Vesuvius, the Aventador was painted all black and is finished off with a Modern Black face and Gloss Lumiere lip.

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A Chinese customer came to SR Auto with the vision of creating a two-tone red-and-black chrome finish for his Ferrari 458 Italia. The result is this luscious Black Mist package. The car was wrapped in a unique chrome foil, with the hood, roof, side skirts and trunk lid decked out in black chrome. The rest of the body was given a special red shade. The car was also given the finishing touch with a set of 21-inch PUR Monoblock black alloys complete with yellow brake calipers.

The Audi R8 Spyder has been the subject of a number of tuners with often mixed results, but we think SR Auto got this one just right. Called the Speed Walker, the car was given a carbon-fiber front spoiler and a set of gloss-black 20-inch alloys and red brake calipers. Additional carbon fiber was added inside with the steering wheel, center console and gear shift ring all covered in the lightweight material. To give the engine some added noise, a carbon-fiber intake system and a new exhaust were installed along with an ECU upgrade.

The Maserati GranTurismo is already a gorgeous machine, but SR Auto has made it even better. This is Project Deathbolt: Reloaded, a styling package that includes an adjustable coilover suspension, a three-piece red rim set with 21-inch wheels up front and 22-inches in the back. Add to this the tuner's signature red, white and black color combination and you've got one of the best-looking modified GranTurismos out there.

Before the Aventador, there was the Murcielago, and SR Auto managed to get a hold of a rare SuperVeloce edition to give it a slight styling upgrade. The SV already packs a 661-horsepower V12, but the tuner felt there was an opportunity to make the car look even more badass. Called Project White Fang, the Murcielago SV was wrapped in a clean matte white finish with contrasting black highlights. A set of black alloys were then added to give the mighty Lambo an even more sinister look.