5 Ultra-Expensive Crash Stories That Made Insurance Companies Cry

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At least we think they did.

The fate of most sports cars and supercars is to look stunning as they roam around cities and ruthlessly attack corners. And then there are sports cars and supercars that end up destroyed with the drivers taking a trip down sh** creek. Here at CarBuzz we see a lot of wrecks and luckily none of them are fatal or involve serious injury. However, a good portion of them involve expensive cars in need of costly repairs. Here are five of the most expensive crashes we've recently come across.


Yeah, the Ferrari 488 GTB is here but that doesn't make the 458 Italia any less special. It still hurts to see one wrecked, like this one here. This 458 crashed in Boca Raton, Florida, after it hydroplaned during a rainy day. The damage is pretty damn extensive but luckily no one was injured. Bonus: The engine might have survived the wreck.

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We love seeing gearheads drive around in classic multi-million dollar cars, whether it's around town or on the race track. (We prefer the race track.) However, our hearts sank when a $30,000,000 Aston Martin DBR1, a $151,000 Jaguar XK120, and a $91,000 Austin Healey 100 all crashed into each other during a classic car race. That's not a typo: One of those cars was worth $30 million. We have no idea how much the repair costs would be but we're guessing that it had many digits. We hope that a costly crash featuring classic cars as awesome as these never happens again.

This was one of the most talked about supercar crashes that we've covered in a while. In case you weren't around, we'll give you a heads up. The LaFerrari was cruising through Budapest, Hungary, when its driver learned that straight lines can be hard. He decided to floor the 963-hp hybrid hypercar, lost control and crashed into a parked car. We hope that the driver is all right but honestly, some people just aren't meant to own a car as powerful as the LaFerrari.

We never suspected that a supercar crash would be so devastating until we saw what happened to this Lamborghini Aventador in China. The purebred supercar slammed into a truck and the end result is horrifying to say the least. The car ended up so badly damaged that it was virtually unrecognizable. Luckily no one was killed although this $400,000 supercar is the definition of a write-off.

Ferrari events are always stunning to watch and, if lucky, to be a part of. Beautiful Prancing Horses being driven around by lucky owners on an Italian race track is quite a sight. Unfortunately, a Ferrari event at the Monza track that occurred recently ended with a tragic crash. The poor victim? A $3 million dollar limited-edition Ferrari FXX. We have no videos related to the crash but we suspect that the supercar went off the track, slid across some grass and then slammed into a barrier. We hope this Ferrari can be fixed and that the driver is recovered. For $3 million there damn well better be something Ferrari can do to get this car back on the track.

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