5 Unfortunate Truck-Overpass Encounters

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When it comes to driving big trucks, reading signs is paramount to success.

Most drivers willfully ignore posted height signs. There's not much risk involved when it comes to driving a sedan under a bridge that is only 11 feet high. However, truckers need to be especially attentive of these signs. That being said, some don't. When a truck tries to go under a bridge that it's too big for, the result is hilarious, to say the least. Continue below to check out some of the greatest truck-overpass fails ever documented on video.

This low-lying railroad clearance trestle in Durham, North Carolina, has probably claimed the tops of more trucks than any other bridge or overpass in the world.

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The worst part of this clip is that it doesn't show the 14-foot trailer getting stuck beneath the 11-foot bridge. The best part of this clip is imagining how in the world you fix a mess like this.

How a dump truck driver can drive around without noticing the fact that his dumper is raised defies all logic. When it comes to footbridges in Istanbul, just don't.

First off, no, the driver in this video did not die. Knowing that, it's a lot easier to laugh at this massive fail.

It's been said that the definition of madness is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. If that's true, then this video is pure madness.

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