5 Unnecessary BMWs

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Just because they're expensive and have that BMW badge doesn't necessarily make them good cars.

First things first: BMW truly builds some of the most Ultimate Driving Machines on the road today. Examples of which include the 3 Series/M3 and 5 Series/M5. Along with SUVs like the X3 and X5, BMW is a brand that does nearly everything well. However, a few of its models are just, well, unnecessary. Nobody asked for them and whether they sell well or not, none of them truly serve a legitimate purpose. Along with the upcoming i3, BMW has made a few mistakes in our opinion. Do you agree? Let's take a look.

To this day, we simply can't find what attracts people to this model. Sure, the X6M is wicked fast and is the fastest BMW model on a straight-line. We respect that but the rest of the car itself is repulsive. It's not a proper off-road SUV nor does it have the space for passengers and cargo that modern crossovers should have. It's basically a combination of things taken from the BMW parts bin with a new body design. And it has a base price of nearly $60,000.

The 5 Series Gran Turismo is just plain horrible. No one ever asked for a 5 Series sedan converted into a hatchback. No one. But for whatever reason, BMW thought people would dig its two-tier rear liftgate and elevated driving position. Sales were only decent in Europe but they bombed in the US. There's just no excuse for this one. And if you want to look stupid while driving one, it'll cost you at least $58k for the pleasure.

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It costs nearly $31,000 and something as simple and cheaper like the Nissan Juke could equally do the job. But no, sometimes someone must have a BMW at any cost. The X1 fits into that category. While we're not denying its decent exterior design and plenty of high-tech toys, the X1 is nothing more than a crossover based on the same platform as the 3 Series.


It only had its official online debut this past week and already we're not fans of it. The current 5 Series GT isn't doing it any favors either. But our biggest issue with the 3 Series GT is what makes it better than a 3 Series wagon? Yes, the wagon body style isn't sold stateside but that's because nobody bought them. If a potential 3 Series sedan buyer is looking for more space, then the X3 will do the job.

Yes, we're fully aware the i3 hasn't been launched yet but we're already skeptical as are many BMW fans. The i3 concepts didn't look all that impressive styling wise, but we're not denying the production version won't be a good EV. But that's also its weak spot. It's an EV and the global market is clearly showing that consumers still have range anxiety - and rightly so.

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