5 Vintage Monster Truck Commercials

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These classic commercials will have you wishing the year was 1988 and the day of the week was Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

You don't have to be a gearhead to get a kick out of all of these vintage monster truck commercials. Car lover or not, chances are at least one of these overenthusiastic commercials will bring you back to a simpler time when cellphones didn't exist and Grave Digger was the coolest thing on four wheels. These commercials are ridiculously similar to one another, but they each sport a defining characteristic, whether it's robots from the 23rd century or a half-truck, half-beast from the east. Monster truck fans, this one's for you.

The Pontiac Silverdome was apparently the place to be if you wanted to watch monster truck rallies in the 80s. This commercial promises plenty of monster trucks, a funny car tug-of-war contest and Hollywood stuntman Brian Carson's five-story mid-air collision!

Other than the venue changing, there isn't much that sets this commercial apart from the one previously featured. That being said, Baltimore does get to experience jet dragsters and robots from the 23rd century. That has to count for something, right?

There are few things more American than a New York City monster truck rally sponsored by Ford and Budweiser. What makes this ad so awesome? The half-tank, half-truck beast from the East!

What's the funny language being spoken in this commercial, you ask? That would be Dutch. This ad is about as vintage as Dutch Monster Jam commercials come; Monster Jam did its first show in the Netherlands in 2005.

Yes, this video is a parody. If only there was a barbecue Twinkie cookoff and a free can of Natural Light offered at every monster truck rally.

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