5 Vintage Volvo Commercials

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Before Volvo started getting sexy, the company advertised its autos using a mixture of clever humor and ridiculous women drivers.

Everyone knows Volvo as the Swedish automaker that prides itself on safety. Recently, Volvo has been trying to tweak that image, focusing instead on the sexiness of its crossovers and sedans. While the company's rebrand has been somewhat successful, what everyone really knows Volvo for is perfectly captured in these vintage commercials. These ads harp on the safeness and reliability that only comes with a boxy sedan built in Sweden. If you're a fan of vintage car ads then you're going to want to check out the following commercials.

This classic commercial shows just how strong Volvos of yesteryear really were. It's debatable how many Volvo drivers actually risked getting into an accident where several other Volvos landed on their roof, but it's nice to know that you could survive said accident should it ever occur.

Volvo apparently used this ad to successfully clear a backlog of unsold cars in Australia. We may never know whether this commercial actually moved Aussies to buy Volvos, but what is known is that "Volvo, an investment in Swedish logic" is easily one of the automotive taglines of all-time.

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Women drivers might not find this vintage commercial all that funny. However, male drivers who constantly make jokes regarding the making of sandwiches will get more than a chuckle out of this ad-especially the ending.

This commercial does a great job of showing just how strong Volvos really are. The old-school Volvo in this ad takes an off-road pounding and still runs like a champ. Disclaimer: Beating a Volvo into the ground should not be used as a substitute for psychiatry.

Volvo again shows just how clever it can be in advertising in this commercial. Kudos go to the Swedish automaker for predicting autonomous autos some 40 years before their inception.

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