5 Ways To Upgrade Your Headlights

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Easily done, whatever your budget.

We're pretty lucky to be living in the golden age of automobiles. Cars are more comfortable, more capable and more efficient than ever before. One of the technologies that has improved vastly even in the last ten years is exterior lighting. It seems the stock headlights on cars become more powerful every year, the high beams on a modern sedan are quite simply blinding to look at. It's not often that you can retrofit older models with the latest and greatest technology, but in the case of headlights, the aftermarket provides some outstanding options.

Love The Lights You've Got Maybe your car came with a stellar set of headlights, but they've just become fogged over. It doesn't matter how bright a set of bulbs you're running if the lens in front of them is grimy and yellowed. Pick up a headlight buffing kit and lay into those puppies with some polishing compound. You'll be amazed at how well a dirtied set of lights come back with minimal effort if you have the right tools.

Replace Your Bulbs If the lenses in your car are clear, but the beams simply don't provide much light, the bulbs might be burnt out. Replacing old bulbs is a straightforward operation you can do yourself, and your local auto parts store can likely point you in the direction of the correct replacement bulbs.

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Upgrade To HIDs HIDs make a great option, offering a drastic improvement in output compared to traditional halogen lights. They last much longer than conventional halogen, burn cooler, and require less energy from your car's battery. HIDs have been available since the early 2000s, so you can find an easy-to-install set for nearly any car on the road

Upgrade To LEDs LEDs are probably the best overall option for your money in terms of conversions. They offer outstanding performance advantages over just about every other technology save for lasers, enjoy many of the same maintenance advantages that HIDs do, and you can easily find conversation kits for most cars. LEDs don't even have to warm up, they're producing peak output as soon as you flip the switch.

Upgrade To Lasers The most advanced lights currently available in cars use lasers. Lasers offer a higher color temperature and last much longer than HIDs or LEDs, but you will need the help of a skilled technician to install these. There are currently no over-the-counter conversion kits, so this is a considerably higher degree of difficulty, or price of entry. Then again, you can tell your friends your car shoots laser beams, what's that worth?

Light it Up! With the exception of the last option, these are all upgrades you can do in an hour or two at home. If you've never worked on cars before, lights are actually a great place to start. You'll be making your commute safer by helping other motorists spot you, and improving your ability to see what's in your path.

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