5-Year-Old Kid Is The Youngest Burnout Master We've Ever Seen

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We like it, dad likes it, police hate it.

Kids doing burnouts isn't a new thing. We've seen plenty of videos over the years of kids shredding rubber like it's nobody's business. Remember that recent clip of a 10-year-old killing some Hellcat tires? Being 10 and able to execute a perfect burnout is impressive. But this latest kid-doing-a-burnout-video is slightly more surprising because the youngster at the controls of the clearly modified Holden Commodore (called Under Warranty) is just five years old.

It's all good and well letting little Riley kill some evil rubber in the driveway, but if something went even slightly wrong there's no way that he would know what to do to regain control of a roaring V8. Luckily for him, and especially his dad, things went smoothly.

The kid seems to know what's what, though. He doesn't just plant his foot flat and let the car bounce off the limiter. He actually feathers the throttle better than just about every Mustang driver out there. As you'd expect the video shows a clearly happy kid and you can hear a proud dad talking. Dad Alex Dobson thought posting the video online would be fun, but after gaining millions of views it attracted the attention of child protection services and the police. Just three days after posting the video police came knocking and confiscated the Holden (which he has back again) and further investigations are now pending. Police are still to decide if they can press charges as the video was filmed on private property and under relatively safe.

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"He's not your average five-year-old. He can start a car, move a car around, an auto one obviously...but he's got great control of the accelerator and brake pedal," Dobson (aka dad) said. We can't blame the dad or the kid because burnouts are an Aussie way of life. Everyone there will learn to do it at some point. This kid just got a really early start.

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