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$50 Million Ferrari Collection Isn't Enough To Buy A LaFerrari Aperta

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When the uber rich get denied.

Only 200 examples of the LaFerrari Aperta are being built, and despite the $2.2 million price tag, Ferrari is having absolutely no problem selling all of them. As is common with Ferrari, there's far greater demand than supply, but what's needed to get on that exclusive 200-person list? The Los Angeles Times has done a great write up about watch and jewelry entrepreneur David Lee, who's also a serial Ferrari collector (and Pagani Huayra owner). Over the year's he's amassed a Ferrari collection now worth $50 million.

He also buys and restores vintage Ferraris, shows them at Pebble Beach, and has a fantastic relationship with his local Ferrari dealer. He just purchased four new Ferraris. Those factors combined, he figured, would be enough to get him on the LaFerrari Aperta list. He was denied. Why? Because having money simply isn't enough to own something as exclusive as a LaFerrari. The LA Times spoke with several other high-end Ferrari customers, who pretty much came back with the same answer regarding's Lee's denial: Ferrari doesn't like show-offs, no matter how rich they are, and Lee was deemed a show-off.

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He has an Instagram account where he posts daily images of his cars, watches and other luxury lifestyle offerings. He's posted pics with celebrities like Jay Leno and even started something called "Cars and Chronos," a monthly event held at his local Ferrari dealer where he displays his cars. "My love of the brand and the enjoyment I get from sharing my special collection with the public is nothing but a good thing for the future of the brand," Lee said. "If people at Ferrari think that is self-promoting, I can't help that." Ferrari, according to one inside source, "doesn't like the publicity he creates. They hate all of the noise, and he loves all the noise." For its part, Ferrari told the LA Times that Lee "was a valued client." Photos courtesy of David Lee via Instagram