500 Ford GT Models Are Up For Grabs Right Now

And good luck getting one.

It’s finally happening. Ford is now taking orders for its latest supercar, the 2017 GT. The automaker has even set up a special website,, specifically for interested buyers to fill out an application. An application? Yep, Ford isn’t just about to sell the GT to anyone, despite the size of their bank accounts. In fact, only 250 GTs will be available this upcoming model year, and another 250 the following. The MSRP? Funnily enough, Ford isn’t providing a precise answer, only indicating it’ll be in the "mid-$400,000s." That doesn’t include destination and delivery.

Meanwhile, the official GT configurator has gone live on Ford’s official website. Take a few minutes and play around with the various exterior and interior color options as well as wheel designs. And what about an exterior stripe? Yes or no? So if you have the financial means for a Ford GT, you’d better act fast and have your checkbooks ready. Oh, and do a great job filling out that application. You'll need to convince Ford that you're worthy.

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