5,000-Horsepower Devel Sixteen Supercar Seen On Public Roads

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It's been a long wait, but it finally looks as if the Sixteen is nearing the end of its development.

With just over 5,000-horsepower on tap, the Devel Sixteen is about as powerful as supercars get. The Dubai-based brand was founded in 2006, and after numerous promises of being near production-ready (it was slated for a 2019 launch), there's still no sign of a production-ready model…until now.

First seen over five years ago, the newcomer is reportedly powered by a 12.3-liter V16 engine (an even bigger engine than you'll find in the Bugatti Chiron) with an incredible 5,007-hp and a top speed of 320 mph. After years of delay and prototype testing, a video shows a production variant of the Devel Sixteen cruising around Italian roads.

Devel Sixteen/Youtube
Devel Sixteen/Youtube
Devel Sixteen/Youtube

In the video, the eccentric supercar is seen accelerating down public roads with an almighty exhaust note. Painted in a two-tone black and white combo, the Sixteen looks positively menacing, undoubtedly aided by the dramatic rear styling with its Batmobile-like exhaust exits and large wing. This follows track testing of the highly-anticipated supercar last year.

CarBuzz has previously reported the high-powered 5,000-hp derivative will be a track-only car, with a road-going Sixteen set to arrive with 2,000 fewer hp. A V8-powered model has also been promised, boasting a more modest (but still phenomenal) 1,500-hp. Based on the fact that the example in the video is being driven on public roads and the way it sounds, this is most likely a lesser-powered model.

When the Devel Sixteen does eventually arrive, it will come in at a whopping $1.6 million for the base model V8. An extra $200,000 will reportedly net you an extra eight cylinders and twice the power while the headlining race-only V16 will exceed the $2 million price point. Despite the lofty price tag, the Devel was said to have a two-year waiting list in 2019 already.

With its appearance on public roads, we can only assume the massively powerful supercar is nearing the end of its development process. If the figures are anything near what the company is claiming, the performance (and astonishing looks) will certainly find the Devel Sixteen some new fans. That being said, we can't imagine Ferrari and Lamborghini losing much sleep over this massively delayed newcomer.

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