525-HP Mercedes Hot Hatch Can Hang With A Porsche 911 GT3 RS On The Nurburgring

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It's better than ever.

Earlier this year, we covered a very special Mercedes-AMG A45 S tuned by Posaidon, called the A45 RS. That car took the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-banger in the little Merc and boosted it from 416 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque to an astonishing 525 hp and 442 lb-ft. If you recall the earlier story, you'll know that this made it capable of reaching 201 mph, with its 0-62 mph sprint time rated at just 3.4 seconds. But it turns out that this is more than just a straight-line performer, and the car (now called the A45 RS 525) is pretty handy on track too.

Posaidon Posaidon Posaidon Posaidon

Posaidon recently took its pocket rocket to the Nurburgring because, along with the bigger turbo and ECU tune, Posaidon is now offering something called a 'tracktool' upgrade. This adds KW adjustable coilover suspension, 14.25-inch front brakes with steel braided lines, and a roll cage where the rear seats once resided. We also see a set of lightweight OZ Racing wheels in the supplied photos, but we doubt this is included in the upgrade. Although the A45 S has some pretty supportive and sexy seats as standard, the people at Posaidon decided to enhance them further with racing harnesses. These upgrades seem to have made a real difference because, at a recent lapping session at the infamous Nordschleife, Posaidon says its monstrous hot hatch was keeping up with a GT3 RS.

Posaidon Posaidon Posaidon Posaidon

The tuning company does concede that those at the track on the day did not know the driver of the Porsche, nor have any idea of exactly how hard said driver was pushing his RS, but this sounds promising nonetheless. In fact, Posaidon is so confident in its RS 525's handling prowess and speed that the company thinks this A45 can get around the Ring in around 7:20. We'll find out if this is an accurate estimate next spring when Posaidon returns to the Nordschleife to set a time.

However, even months on from our original story, pricing still hasn't been confirmed for this monstrous upgrade kit. We're interested because it could doubtless be applied to the CLA 45 sedan we get here. As for what FakeTaxi means, we'll let you Google that, but we recommend not doing so at work.

Posaidon Posaidon Posaidon Posaidon

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