5G-Equipped Audis Will Be Safer And Smarter Than Ever Before

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Audi lives up to its reputation for trailblazing automotive technologies.

Wireless smartphone connectivity and over-the-air updates are just two of the many ways that cars have become increasingly connected over the last couple of years. Audi, never one to shy away from forward-thinking technologies, has now taken in-car connectivity a step further through a partnership with wireless network operator Verizon to introduce 5G into its lineup.

5G will enable a host of new features for the driver and passengers to take advantage of but the tech remains a new introduction in the automotive industry. In 2018, the Kia EV Concept became the first vehicle to offer an in-car 5G connection. Since then, models like the tech-laden BMW iX have also provided 5G support.

2022 Audi Q4 e-tron Head Up Display AUDI AG
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"Audi was the first automaker to bring in-vehicle Wi-Fi to customers as well as 4G LTE connectivity in the 2015 A3, and we will be among the first to bring the next generation of connectivity to our customers in the US," said Filip Brabec, senior VP, Product Planning, Audi of America.

5G is all well and good, but what are some of the features that will tangibly make a difference to future Audi owners? The obvious advantage is that passengers can download or stream videos far quicker than before, and at a higher quality. That's great news for the kids piled into the back of your Audi Q7.

Firmware and software updates received over the air will be able to be completed more quickly, while infotainment and navigation systems can be improved with HD/3D mapping and video as well as cloud-based user profiles.

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A great benefit is cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology. Audi has previously tested this technology in Georgia whereby signals and alerts can be transmitted between compatible vehicles, traffic lights, and pedestrians' mobile phones to keep roads safer. As autonomous driving technology develops, C-V2X will become more and more valuable in assessing the vehicle's environment and responding accordingly.

"Audi drivers will be among the first in the world to experience a new generation of automobiles, one in which their car is both a 5G mobile device and a vehicle," said CEO of Verizon Business, Tami Erwin.

Select US-spec Audi models will begin receiving 5G connectivity as of the 2024 model year. We expect newer electric models like the Q4 e-tron and A6 e-tron to adopt the technology first.

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2022 Audi Q4 e-tron Head Up Display
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