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6,000,000th Audi Quattro Produced

Audi Sport / 65 Comments

And they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

All you have to do is say the word Quattro and images of insane Group B rally stages pop into the mind of every car enthusiast. While Audi may have debuted its all wheel drive concept there, it has evolved into a main component of its line. Now, the German manufacturer has produced its 6,000,000th vehicle to be equipped with the setup. The lucky vehicle is a SQ5, painted in Monsoon Grey. Audi has been hard at work it seems, as just one and a half years ago, Audi celebrated its 5,000,000th Quattro produced. Seems like people can't get enough.

Audi has been producing the system for 30 years now, with 2000 equipped vehicles rolling off the assembly line daily. While the SQ5 may not be the most exciting car offered with the system, anyone who has a driven a Quattro equipped sports car will usually attest to its quality. What do you think? Whats your favorite AWD Audi?

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