$6.2 Million Ferrari Trio is a Gift from God

A Ferrari F40, F50 and an Enzo can be all yours for $6.2 million - not sold separately.

This is not something you’ll come across again in your lifetime and at times like this we hate ourselves for not being rich. This trio of Ferraris consisting of a 1990 F40, a 1995 F50 and a 2003 Enzo are for sale for the princely sum of $6.2 million. They can’t be bought separately and come together only as a collection. All three are US-market examples and there’s no more than 300 miles on each of their odometers. The F40 is an original US example and it even has red racing seats.

Its F50 successor is one of only 55 brought to the US and even comes with a piece of original factory luggage. Astonishingly, this Enzo is one of only seven painted in Rosso Scuderia, and just two of which were built to US specs. Anyone interested? You need to contact the Ferrari Maserati dealership of New England directly as this is no ordinary car purchase.

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