6 BMW Concepts That Are Too Damn Cool To Be Left As Concepts

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Not just cool but wicked cool.

In case you haven't noticed, BMW doesn't do all that many concept cars. But when it does, it goes all out. Compared to other automakers, BMW concepts are special and they often times (but not always) hint at some future production version. In other cases, the concepts are nothing more than a tribute to a legendary BMW from the past. Production is unlikely, but the concept itself is simply meant to be a design showcase of retro awesomeness. But we've picked out 6 BMW concepts that we love and would to see on the road one day.

The original M1 was and still is everything a BMW supercar ought to be. Not only did it race (for a short time) but it kicked off BMW's now famed M division. So when the M1 Concept was revealed in 2008, everybody was hoping a modern day production revival of some sort was in the making. But so far only silence. However, BMW's 100th anniversary is coming up next year and we think a new, ultra-rare M1 would be quite appropriate for the occasion.

Revealed only a few weeks back, the 3.0 CSL Hommage is beyond cool. It's got that iconic and timeless look that only comes from 1970s BMW DTM racecars. The concept itself is now powered by an inline-six gasoline engine paired up with what's described as "eBoost" technology. This one is just too awesome to be left as only a concept.

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The production i8 is here and we've always felt that it's missing something, or rather that it has too much of something. That'll be a roof. Ever since the i8 Spyder concept debuted in 2012, we figured it'd be a no-brainer that a production version would happen. But so far nothing. BMW, what are you waiting for?

On the one hand, we can see why the 328 Hommage Concept won't make production; it's very much a niche model. Then again, this tribute to the original 328 of the 1930s would make one hell of a modern day roadster. Make it limited production. Make it rare with numbered plaques. Heck, even use the existing Z4 platform as a basis. Just make this one happen.

Revealed just three months apart back in 2012, the Zagato Coupe and Roadster concepts are a pair of fine examples of coachbuilding. Teaming up with legendary Italian coachbuilder, Zagato, BMW created these hand-built one-offs as a way to celebrate a 1939 coupe based on the 328 that wore tailor made Italian metalwork. We've always loved the look of the current Z4 roadster, but this Zagato collaboration proves it can look even better.


Honorable Mention: The BMW M3 Pickup concept was actually an April Fools' Day gag from 2011. Yes, BMW really did build the thing purely to mess with everyone. Heck, it even had a removable roof panel. And when combined with that naturally aspirated V8, this unique M3 could have been an instant classic. Too bad we'll never know.

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