6-Cylinder Ferrari Engines Will Power Future Alfa Romeo Models

Fiat Chrysler announces new plant, producing 200,000 engines per year.

Withthe soul and body of an Alfa, the corporate back of Fiat Chrysler Automobilesand the heart of a Ferrari, the future of the small, exotic Italian automakerAlfa Romeo looks increasingly bright. As part of the brand's pre-launch andkeeping with its promise of building 400,000 cars per year, Fiat Chryslerchairman Sergio Marchionne announced on Wednesday that the corporation wouldinvest upwards of 500 million euros in a plant designed to build two new engines forfuture Alfa models.

Witheight new models designated to hit the market by 2018, Alfa will be rolling outtwo new engines for its upcoming cars. The first a Ferrari-sourced six-cylinderengine developed specifically for Alfa's new models. The second engine, also tobe built at the Termoli plant in Italy, will be a high-output four-cylinderengine. Both, Marchionne said, were developed specifically for Alfa's plethoraof upcoming models. The company was skimpy on specifics regarding the engine,nor did it specify how many of the cars would benefit from the Ferrari-derivedengine. But with Alfa's reentry into the US market just last year, this means your next Alfa might just have quite a lot of Ferrari in it.

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