6 New Bugatti Chiron Details You Need To Know About

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A top speed of how many mph?!

Despite parent company Volkswagen Group's little problem at the moment with something called "Dieselgate," plans are still in place for Bugatti to reveal its highly anticipated Veyron successor, likely called the Chiron, at Geneva this March. Obviously Bugatti is remaining tight-lipped regarding what its all-new hypercar is capable of, but thanks to Autogespot we now have more technical details after information was smuggled out of a preview event in Dubai. The sources, obviously, want to remain anonymous but they walked away knowing the following:

1. The W16 8.0-liter quad-turbo produces a total of 1,480 hp and 1,107 lb-ft of torque./ 2. A seven-speed DSG transmission is standard./ 3. 0-62 mph in only 2.3 seconds and 0-186 mph in just 15 seconds. Top speed is expected to reach 311 mph./ 4. There are 20-inch tires up front and 21-inch units out back, all wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PAX tires and paired up with 420-mm front and 400-mm rear brake discs./ 5. There are 15 (yes, 15!) radiators to cool that engine down. The Veyron, by comparison, has 10./ 6. The exterior design is essentially a toned-down version of the Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

Source Credits: www.autogespot.nl

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