6 Toyota SEMA Concepts Not for Couch Potatoes


Those with the love of the outdoors and rallying will love these concepts.

Toyota will bring six vehicles to SEMA next week, all aimed at those with an active lifestyle. The Toyota Dream Build Challenge is responsible for four of these, with athlete and aftermarket shops teaming up for seven weeks to create rides that would improve their respective sports. Nascar’s Parker Kligerman developed the badass CamRally Camry with Kyle Busch Motorsports and Detroit Speed, Inc., a rally car with wide body, exterior upgrades, turbocharger, painted interior and solitary Sparco race seat.

Despite its lame name, the ‘Let’s Go Moto’ Tundra’ is actually pretty cool. The brainchild of Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross teammates Josh Grant and Justin Brayton, the N-Fab-built Tundra comes with essential tools, tires and other gear dirt bikers would love to have standing by all stored in the bed. Rounding off the quartet of Dream Build Challenges are the Oakely Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner designed and built by freestyle skier Simon Dumont and Herbst Smith Fabrication, and pro BMX rider Drew Bezanson’s Crusher Corolloa built by Skull Candy and Motorsports Technical Center.

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Also designed for active lifestyles are the DC Shoes Tacoma and Lifetime Fitness RAV4. The former is the work of Camburg Engineering and is designed to tackle the slopes, featuring a snowplow and telescoping ramp that enables a snowmobile to drive onto the truck bed. Snowboard racks, pop-up tent, and dashboard-mounted iPad are other essential bits of kit. Triatheletes Sarah Hasins, Andy Potts and Hunter Kemoter designed the one-off RAV4, fitting it with a clothes dryer, hot water showers, fridge, cabinet full of snacks, a blender, shiatsu massage front seat and customer rear storage compartment.