6 Unique McLarens Celebrate Famous Motorsport Victories

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Each body color represents a specific moment in McLaren racing history.

McLaren's MSO division is used to receiving all sorts of unique customization requests. But it's not every day it receives such a request from an actual McLaren dealership. McLaren Beverly Hills wanted to pay tribute to the brand's, and its founder's, racing heritage, so it set MSO a simple task: build us six cars with each representing significant periods in McLaren's racing history.

The result was six 570S coupes and spiders with three unique themes: Muriwai celebrates 15-year-old Bruce McLaren's early racing adventures in his home country of New Zealand. Papaya Spark, a fancy term for orange, honors victories from the 1960s and 70s as well as Formula One. Last up is Sarthe Grey, inspired by McLaren's 1995 Le Mans victory.

Each theme is represented on one 570S coupe and one 570S Spider. The six-car collection was revealed earlier this week at an event sponsored by McLaren Beverly Hills called an "Evening with MSO."

The custom cars come fitted with MSO-designed components in addition to the unique exterior colors. There's a new rear wing, GT4 racing stripe on the hood and roof combined with the MSO Defined Black Pack, 10-spoke super-lightweight forged wheels in gloss black, and an MSO titanium sports exhaust.

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Inside, attention was given to the seats, which feature a GT4 stripe integrated into the backrest of the seat, MSO logos stitched into the headrest, and even a McLaren Orange 12 o'clock mark on the steering wheel. Because they're special editions, each car also comes with a dedication plaque and a special key that matches the car's paint color.

Pricing for each car was not announced, but we wouldn't at all be surprised if they're already sold. McLaren Beverly Hills, thanks to commission builds such as these, is 2018's number one retailer in the world for MSO.

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