600,000 Fords In The US Could Have Defective Front Seat Belts

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A total of 680,000 cars are caught up in the recall.

Ford is recalling 680,872 cars, 602,739 of which are in the United States, for a seat belt issue. The problem is that the seat belt anchor for the driver and front passenger pretensioner cables may not be properly insulated. During a crash the high temperatures caused by the release of the seat belt anchor could cause the pretensioner cables to separate. Basically, your seat belts may not work properly in the event of a crash. The vehicles caught up in the recall are the 2013-2016 Ford Fusion, 2015-2016 Ford Mondeo and 2013-2015 Lincoln MKZ.

Not all vehicles from the timespans listed here are caught up in the recall. It varies by date constructed and even by which assembly plant the car was made at. In North America The lion's share of the recall impacts American motorists, but Canadian and Mexican drivers are also being asked to bring 35,614 and 8,665 vehicles, respectively, into dealerships for servicing. Hell, even those in US territories-there are five major ones-won't escape this recall. A total of 653 cars in federalized territories are being recalled. Ford has so far discovered two incidents and two injuries related to this recall. Fortunately the fix is a quick one and involves injecting a conformal coating into the pretensioner to help the cables safely stand the heat during a crash.

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