Grand Tourers

612 Scaglietti Gets a Price Increase

In order to be a proper grand tourer, Ferrari has added a new glass panoramic roof with an electromagnetic finish in order to reduce any glare. What better way to go cruising in a Ferrari? Unlike other current Ferraris, the 612 actually has a back seat that, while quite small, features twin buckets that are decently comfortable - as long as you're not too tall. They're not meant for long-distance travel, but are adequate enough for short, leisurely drives.

Ferrari has also introduced what it calls the One-to-One program which allows buyers to customize their car by specifying both leather and paint colors, amongst many other things. In other words, no two Scagliettis are completely identical. Even though the 612 Scaglietti is Ferrari's slowest selling model, its price has increased by almost $55,000. Within the next few years we'll be seeing a Scaglietti replacement which should foreshadow the look of what will replace the 599 GTB.

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